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NDD: Near Duplicate Detector

We built a framework for genre-adaptive near-duplicate video segment detection.

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NU FOOD 360x10: Food Image Dataset

We have built and released a food image dataset composed of images of ten food categories taken from 36 angles named NU FOOD 360x10. The images were assigned target values of their attractiveness through subjective experiments. This dataset is used in our project on estimating food attractiveness.

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HOYO: A gait dataset annotated with mimetic words

We have built and released a video dataset where gaits are expressed by various onomatopoeias according to their appearance. Each gait is annotated both by external judgement as well as the actors own judgment. This dataset is used in our project on mimetic words.

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Multi-modal imageability

We developed a method for estimating the psycholinguistic concept of imageability for arbitrary words using data-mining on three modalities: visual features, textual features and phonetic features. We have furthermore published a preliminary tri-modal imageability dataset. These sources are part of our projects on imageability estimation and sentence imageability-aware image captioning.

Pretrained model and sources Preliminary dataset

See the research page of Murase-lab for previous software and datasets.

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