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Nagoya University Graduate School of Informatics

Affective Computing

In these projects, we look into the semantic gap in terms of human perception of concepts, and apply related ideas to multimedia applications.

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Book page colorization based on perception

In this research, we colorize pages of books according to human perception in order to summarize and compare book contents.

Main project members: Chihaya Matsuhira, Dr. Marc A. Kastner

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Image captioning considering imageability

In this research, we incorporate psycholinguistics into image captioning in order to tailor captions to different applications.

Main project members: Kazuki Umemura, Dr. Marc A. Kastner

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Imageability estimation

In this research, we model the human perception of the semantic gap for use in affective computing.

Main project members: Chihaya Matsuhira, Dr. Marc A. Kastner

Vision & Phonetics

In these projects, we analyze the relationships between visual data and phonetics.

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Mimetic words

In this research, we analyze the phonetic characteristics and human perception of mimetic words used in Japanese to describe human gait.

Main project members: Dr. Hirotaka Kato

Food research

In these projects, we do research on food images, videos and recipes.

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Food attractiveness measurements

In this research, we analyze the attractiveness of food images using image analysis, including gaze information to improve the results.

Main project members: Akinori Sato, Kazuma Takahashi, Dr. Keisuke Doman

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Food typicality analysis

In this research, we analyze the typicality of food images within a food category.

Main project members: Masamu Nakamura, Dr. Keisuke Doman

Geographic Information Systems

In these projects, we analyze use geographic and location data of Social Media contents for multimedia applications.

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Geo-regional similarity of social media photos

In this research, we analyze methods for the detection of similar geo-regions based on Visual Concepts in social photos.

Main project members: Hiroki Takimoto, Lu Chen

Intelligent summarization

In these projects, we target video or document summization using additional knowledge from multimedia corpora.

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Automatic Authoring of a Video Biography

In this research, we develop an automatic authoring method of video biography using Web contents.

Main project members: Kyoka Kunishiro

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